Rapture Is No Longer A New Story – A Student tell teacher

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Rapture is a common word among Christians. It could be rated as 56 percentage of the world most popular word.
The rapture refers to a purported end time event when all Christian believers—living and resurrected dead—will rise into the sky and join Christ for eternity.
More also, people still find it significant difficult to comprehend because no one has ever experience it before. The Christian’s cannot even proof it right without the contextual biblical insertion, and this proofing no one has encounter this incident.
One day, I was taken some of my student Christian Religious Studies that has to do with “The Second Coming of Christ”. After taken my time to explained to these student, a girl of 11 years old raised up her hand for clarification so I  gave her the time to express herself.
I felt like dying when someone say Jesus Christ is still coming back again” she uttered out.
The other students busted into laughter, even the questioner. Children may be funny at times with there questions even the unnecessary question, as an instructor, you must give an answer even to the unnecessary question so inside of me I believe the girl is heading somewhere and that I need to know so I ask, “Why do you say that Chelsea?”. I don’t mean football club, Chelsea was her name.
“Everyday people do say Jesus will come back to take his elect to heaven, but is over 2,000 years now He had gone to heaven and refuse to show up for his people” she concluded.
This is a good question. The questioner has fed up, also people out there has loose hope about this rapture.
What does the bible has to proof about this? Did Jesus Himself tell when the rapture would definitely take place?
People often quoted where Jesus quoted he himself knew not the time and the season.
The issue is, When the rapture will take place is written in the bible and Jesus quoted it himself but no one has ever notice it.

Matthew 24:14 “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come”. KJV

The gospel of Jesus kingdom shall be preach in all the world, continent, all languages for a witness. Just for a witness then shall the end come. This is prophesy has not been fulfill and no ones knows when it will fulfill.

My advice is, be watchful in prayer for the time is near.

Jesus is coming back as soon as the gospel is preach in all the nations for a witness unto them.
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