11 Ways to attract direct referrals to what you do

Setting up businesses is what people are rushing into this days so you should start making some big differences too.

However, the big challenge of every business is to attract customer or referrals what you do. Getting people to know what you do is not that easy.

In this article, I will teach you how you can get a direct referral that will earn you $100 – $500 daily.

So here are the simple techniques to get direct referral or clients to what you do.

1. Tell your friends and relatives through Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, Email, Verbally, Instant Messenger etc.

PTC Direct Referral

A says goes, ‘A closed most does not get feed’

The first person to know what you do should be your friends, neighbor, relatives.

These are the first people you should send your promotion links to. Tell them to help you rebroadcast it to people on their list.

You are the one to go to them, don’t wait for them to ask you what you do.

You can’t tell, one person might be having 500 to 1000 people on their contact list, helping you to share your promotion links on WhatsApp would definitely gear up your effort and saved you stress and aside from that, by so doing you are becoming popular and people will get to know what you do.

2. Be proactive on social media

This is my favorite. As a blogger or promoters, you have to be everywhere looking for people to get know what you are really up to.

I have got around 200 referrals to one of my PTC sites by promoting my referral links on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Start by sharing what people post. People like when their post are being shared on social media. This does not count much but making the author feel you have interest in what he posts. Someday, such person would want to comment, like or share your post too.

Ensure you post daily. Make your official profile proactive by posting something educative, funny and meaningful. And don’t forget to embed or insert your referral links or promotion links to your post on social media.

3. Show interest in what people post (Comment on a post, blog, videos, photos Chat room and Forum, etc.)

This method also works great. Write a good comment on blog post.

This goes a long way. Encourage what people do and at every of your comment, use the advantage to market yourself. Sometimes, your name in a comment box goes a long way. You are creating awareness by so doing.

Search for a blog that relates to what you want to market. Don’t just comment on an irrelevant post, let it pertains to what you want to promote.

4. Create a blog to market your service

Create a website is one of the biggest achievement to tell millions out there what you do.

Most times people like to read the post directly from a blog site and not on social media. You can write a review of PTC sites or use a direct banner in your blog posts to promote your referral links.

5. Advertise o PTC and Social Media

PTC sites mean Pay-to-click. It is a site where people advertise their site and members of the sites click on the sites.

This is a fast track of getting hundreds or millions of viewers depending on how you strategize the procedures on the PTC sites you are dealing with.

Early Sunrise Guide attracts viewers using this method. We mainly get readers from PTC sites (Waterptc, Investorclix, Neobux etc.) and social media.

6. PPC Campaign with Google Adwords

Running a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign is another way you can get genuine viewers. You can sign-up with Google AdWords. You can get instant and targeted traffic from Google but the cost of running a campaign could be high because of competition

7. Advertise on a popular blog

This is a perfect choice if you have some investment. Advertising your sites or your referral links on popular blogs would gear up your popularity.

The sites involved in these categories are:



8. Create sign up offer

PTC Sites as I mentioned earlier will handle this for you. You advertise your referral link on their sites as sign up offer and they will ensure people register through your referral links click, do what you dictate or what them o do for some couple of days and they will get paid for the service they’ll render by the PTC sites.

9. Adding your promotional links to your Email signature

Newsletter Direct Referral

Are you a marketer or a blogger? This a new way you can promote your referral links using email database or newsletter subscriber. All you need to do is to add your referral link to the signature of your email or newsletter.

10. Uploading videos on YouTube and TopBuzz

Do you want to promote what you do? Then create a short video about what you do and post it on YouTube or TopBuzz.

Creating videos is not that difficult. Millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube covering all aspect of life.

TopBuzz is a new platform like YouTube where you post videos and earn ($0.001) per viewers. Meaning you can earn money online just by posting videos.

Moreover, after posting your short videos online you can also refer your viewers to the site you’re promoting by adding your referral links or your contact details in the description box.

11. Write a Free eBook

If you want to be a successful promoter, you need to get used to this simple method.

Writing of eBook is the simplest task to do. Write an eBook and make it available freely on your website or blog site. Ensure you insert your promotional links majorly in your eBooks.

Other Ways to attract people to what you do are:

  1. SEO tweaks for getting more traffic
  2. Offline advertising in National Newspaper
  3. Door-to-Door Marketing
  4. Advertise on Local Radio Station
  5. SMS Bulk

I hope this post help and develop your orientation. Your suggestion and observation counts, leave a comment below if you need my assistance.


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