Can a Christian Drink Alcohol?

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When an European Airline was initially launched, an educated Christian, gentleman was Traveling in the first class section.

An air hostess approached him with a complimentary drink, this was an alcoholic drink so that man politely refused.

The air hostess returned but this time bought the drink on a platter, designed to appeal and impress. However the Christian man again politely refused, explaining he doesn’t drink alcohol.

The air hostess was concerned and informed the manager.
The manager approached the man with another platter, now designed with flowers, he questioned, “is there something wrong with our service? please enjoy the drink, it is a complimentary offer.”

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The man replied, “I am a Christian and I do not drink alcohol.”

The manager still insisted that the man take the drink.

Then, the Christian proposed that the manager should give the drink to the pilot first. The manager stated, “how can the pilot drink alcohol, he’s on duty! 

And if he drinks there are all chances for the plane to crash”.

The passenger with tears in his eye, replied, “I am a Christian and I am always on duty in order to protect my faith and if I Drink Alcohol I will crash my whole life here and hereafter.

I AM 100% ON DUTY!

Be careful of their packages, the Lord shall see you through. It is not only about alcohol, but those little foxes that could destroy the vine.

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