All you need to know about Coinbulb

Last updated on March 17th, 2018 at 05:25 pm

1. What is Coinbulb?

Coinbulb is a bitcoin PTC website for clients to earn BTC by clicking ads as well as make campaigns to promote their sites or products related to bitcoins.

2. What is the minimum withdrawal?
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.5 mBTC (0.0005 BTC or 50,000 Satoshi).

3. How can I upgrade to premium membership?
You can purchase a premium membership to multiply your rewards.
30 days 3.5 mBTC
60 days 6 mBTC
90 days 8.5 mBTC
180 days 15.5 mBTC

4. How much can I earn?
Standard Member:
Extra Earning Percentage: 0.00%
Referral Earning Percentage: 60%
Premium Member:
Extra Earning Percentage: 100%
Referral Earning Percentage: 100%

5. When can I get paid ?
All payments are instantly sent to your bitcoin address.

6. Are you really paying?
Certainly. You can find the payment proofs at the bottom of our site.

7. Can I have more than one account?
No, we do not allow multiple accounts.

8.Which sites are not allowed?
We do not accept sites that use frame breakers or promote adult content and illegal activities

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CoinBulb Terms of Services                                             CoinBulb Payment Proof


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2 thoughts on “All you need to know about Coinbulb

  1. It happen to me too, I sent them mail and the proof of the transaction. After a month, it was resolved. But it came to my ears that the site is paying but it takes time for deposited money to reflect..

  2. the site is a scam to me… i have deposit money from my own bitcoin address to the bitcoin address coinbulb gave me and i havent seen the money in my account to help me upgrade to premium …
    please if it is legit then how me a transaction proof that that shows you have been able to deposit an amount in your coinbulb to help you upgrade to premuim level…. please reply me so i know what to do to get the bitcoin i have sent to the coinbuld bitcoin address they gave me


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