The road to success is by growing your income

Everyone aspire the position of leadership, but the leadership role it’s unnoticeable to until you get to the certain level of it.

We are inadequate because we did not think about how to succeed in life. It’s easy that everybody can think on how to be a successful man in life but is not everybody that knows the rules neither step to greatness. The simple logic to be transform in life is you learning how to work smart, when you work hard your work will get delay but when you work smart you’ll get done in a twinkling of eyes. Life is more complex than you should labour for irrelevant goal. In ancient days people get evicted in hardship before they can feed from hand to mouth but now there are several jobs that does not embrace hardship, but the mere roads to such job is not an easy task; you have to stress yourself before attaining it.

Close the door to your past mournful regrets and bitterness which can keep all the sunshine out of your life and pay attention to what I want to impact into in you; ‘the way to success is in the heart of a good influential’.

Success theory begins at school but Success is not all about education. It good to go to school and learn because civilization has kicked us in the face. Illiterate in this sophisticated life is like a man giving his household to armed robbers. How would you survive when your mates out there own a good reputable company while you’re working under agent whose burden is grievous than yours? How would you survive when your colleagues learnt how to make money while you’re still learning how to manage money? You need to be wise…! We go to school to learn the theory part of each whatsoever courses our teacher might have tort us, the day we graduate, we shall radicalise what we’ve learn so far.

Many struggle to be something yet they don’t want to lose anything meanwhile to achieve many, you have to sacrifice few. This is a favourable quote that implies all our needs in life. To be successful in life you have to sacrifice something for it, is not a magic to become someone in life but it takes the grace self discipline. To be someone in life you must learn how to spend your pressure time, on things that can favour you and not things that will derail your purpose.

A man can never be a successful in life without passing through any difficulties.  It surprises me when I hear people murmuring they want to become rich by all cost. For instance, A friend of mine told one sunrise day that he wants to be rich whatsoever it takes he will gives, then I asked  ‘What do you have to achieve your greatness?’. He look at me with pilgrim eye as if I’m a pagan, I expect him to asked what I mean but it seems the question sounds unreasonable in his ears, he workout on me although why I ask him such a question looks verbal to him and that’s why people fail because they work out on someone without thinking “there’s reason for everything”. Whether he likes it or not he must have something genuine he pursuing to aim his potential before he can succeed in life. A close mouth doesn’t get feed. Those that struggle to be something in life and yet they don’t have nothing to sacrifice for it they are like an orphan who seat at home without seeking for his daily bread, definitely he shall starve to death one day if people ceased to help.

One major aspect of becoming richer everyday is you letting your asset work for you. Another genuine point why people struggle in life is because they lack financial literacy. Financial literacy is not base on how to establish business alone, am not talking about how to gather capital and invest a business. Am not here to tell you how to spend your money, am here to impart you on how to make more assets and letting your asset work for you. Like I said earlier, we went to school to learn how to manage asset, one of the principle on how to make more asset is you learning how to save your money. A person who does not know how to control his asset will never know how to  think positive when more asset comes his ways and that is why people say “MORE money MORE problems”, no is wrong, we lack money because we lack financial literacy.

The best way to make more assets is base on how you can save what you have. Have you take those who make money in central bank into consideration before?  Let thin a little about them, they’d produces and distributes money to other commercial banks, but why their names aren’t as popular as the business man even though they produces money? Someone said bankers are like statues, they lives by instruction and dwells in fear of armed robbers, why? They ears more, see moneys and powerless because the money belongs to another person.   They make money for the public, banker manage money for the masses. The goldsmith as a founder of banks ideology was a good example of financial literacy, he’s occupation was absolutely not on money keeper only but today despite he is gone but his handiwork has newer to us every day, his name was recognised because he’s a money keeper, moreover, not a money keeper but the great philosopher indeed. He got motivated in saving people’s money and from it people compensate him by giving him commission, and that lead to the sources of his greatness. Now let expand it, take a look at the Goldsmith, since he has the capability of keeping people’s money what will therefore delay him from keeping his own asset? Believe me, when you learn how to save money you will know how to invest business which is going to work out for you and your house hold.

The road to success is critical. How? The road to success is critical when you don’t know the principle. The road to success becomes strange when you resist learn what you suppose to do at the appropriate time. Get my point very well, there is no specific road to greatness but there are many strategies you need to consider before you can become someone in life. A man has never woke up in life and become rich of the sudden and it will never be, why? Believe me, there is no wealth on earth that someone has never work for it before. Every successful man in life had a past, and every successful man in life had passed through severe difficulties and trials.

The hour you take in burning night candles to read is a foundation to your success, take heed less you sleep in hunger. Whether you like it or not every minute you waste in life have effect in your life.

The famous way to become someone in life is seeking the kingdom of God first and every other thing would be added unto you. All these aforementioned point above is you learning how to save and maintain your money but the easiest way to become someone in life is you moving closer to your creator. The more you move nearer to God the nearer you’ll unleash your potential.
Take it or leave it, where you are now is an opportunity to your greatness for where you will be tomorrow is by grace to your destiny. Make haste, in everything you’re doing do it well tomorrow isn’t promise to us.

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