Tagbo death: Don’t be over joyous, Davido is not free of guilt yet – Police

Contrary to claims by music star, Davido, that he has been cleared of any complicity in the unfortunate death of Tagbo Umeike, the Lagos State Police Command yesterday countered the claim, insisting that the singer is not free yet as the matter is being investigated.

The claim by Davido was captured in messages posted via one of his social media handles on Thursday to offer thanks to everyone who prayed for him while saying he has forgiven every single person, media house or blog that pointed an accusing finger at him upon the demise of Tagbo. He wrote: “Any media house, blog or person that said false things about me or accused me of what I don’t know I sincerely forgive you… and God bless you. We move on! LET’S ALL BE BETTER! THANK YOU LORD.”

Widespread reports quoted Bobo. F. Ajudua, a member of the legal team defending Davido led by Norrison I. Quakers (SAN), that police have declared the singer free of guilt in the matter. Responding to media enquiries on the case, he reportedly said: “We’ve been to Panti and my client has given a statement there too. It’s clear from all the investigation, evidence and statements given so far that Davido was not at any point with the deceased after he left him alive at Shisha Room.

“As such he’s been released to go about his business. Of course if called on to give any more information he would gladly. But in truth he only knew so much about the night and has reproduced this time and time again.

They’ve also observed the consistency between his statements and those of all the others interviewed. As a result he’s been allowed to go.” However, when contacted by Saturday Telegraph yesterday, Lagos PPRO, Olarinde Famous-Cole, contradicted the claim by the musician and his legal team.

“The Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, has addressed that issue, that there is an ongoing investigation, that the case file has been duplicated and it will be transferred to the DPP (Director of Public Prosecution) for advice on what is the best way to go in handling the case.

“So, investigation is ongoing, we have carried out series of investigations as regards that case and the police angle is that we are still investigating and of course they (those in Davido’s camp) are entitled to their freedom of speech,” he submitted.

Meanwhile, as the remains of Tagbo Umeike were committed to mother earth yesterday, fans continued to accuse music star, Davido, of being insensitive despite a saga that generated attention in Nigeria and beyond.

The late Tagbo, who was seen hanging out with Davido on his last day on earth according to different video accounts, was buried in his unnamed village in Anambra State yesterday, a little over two weeks after his death. Just days before Tagbo’s burial, however, a video of Davido apparently rejoicing upon his return home after another round of interrogation by police, surfaced online, leading to all-round condemnation on different platforms.

A commentator who goes by the name, Osinanl, wrote on Wednesday: “Davido, don’t celebrate yet o! Except if your hands are clean, if not Karma is around the corner waiting to pay you a visit.” Also writing on an online platform on the same day, Obiora A, said: “He’s still expected to be mourning all his friends, I never expected him to celebrate anything whatsoever. Still a fan though!” Another known as Ghenghen, expressed a similar opinion.

“You guys should not be laughing because at end of day 3 of his friends are dead” while Akuoma Akuego also said: “Making music. Is he not supposed to be mourning his friends?” Not left out, Eevva considers the self-styled Omo Baba Olowo’s action childish.

“He is so Damn Juvenile, why celebrate while there are families in mourning over their losses,” she wrote as Olajide said: “Obviously, those guys weren’t his friendz. You don’t celebr8 like this when you lose your friend, even if you’ve been let off the hook.”

Writing further, he shared thoughts indicating the singer will be presumed innocent even if investigation and evidence point to a different direction. “I do not expect Davido to be prosecuted in this case. Father (rich man OBO) UNCLE (senator) DAVIDO gaan gaaan superstar. Issorait, we are all answerable to GOD.” Tagbo died from suffocation according to police and autopsy, following a night of heavy drinking for his birthday at Shisha Lounge in Lekki, Lagos in the early hours of October 2.

Rumours of likely poisoning even became rife when Tagbo’s girlfriend and actress, Caroline Danjuma, accused Davido of not being truthful about what transpired that night. Unfortunately, two other associates of Davido, DJ Olu and Chime Amaechi, were also found lifeless in the former’s BMW car parked in the underground garage of his Block B, Banana Island, Lagos residence just three days after Tagbo’s death.

While adding to twist to it all, an up and coming music act, Klassic, revealed he had a premonition that danger was lurking around Davido and reached out to the singer more than a week before the death of Tagbo and then those of DJ Olu and Chime Amechi in a space of three days.

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