To become a heavyweight legend you need sex everyday, Larry Holmes advice Anthony Joshua

American former professional boxer, Larry Holmes, has advised Anthony Joshua to engage in regular sex to be a heavyweight legend.

Holmes, 67, is widely known as a legend of the division having won two world heavyweight titles during a memorable career which began in 1973 and ended in 2002.

He beat the likes of Ken Norton and Earnie Shavers while also becoming the only man in history to stop Muhammad Ali on an infamous night in Las Vegas in 1980.

“If I had to give him one piece of advice it would be this – get laid a week before each fight”.

“You need to relax. It restores your energy and everything. You know they say you’re not allowed to do that when you’re fighting.

“I listened to that for a while but then found out it was all a lie and you’re missing the good stuff man. He’s a heavyweight, he’s got to get that sh** out of him.

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“But he doesn’t want to do it everyday because that might drain him!” said Holmes.

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