Dankwambo urge accountants on anti-corruption fight

Image result for Nigerian stolen fundsGombe State Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo has urged Accountants need to rise up to their role as the last bulwark in the fight to rid Nigeria of corruption.

The governor disclosed this while addressing participants at the annual conference of the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria.

TVC’s Lanre Adeyemi reports that the governor, an accountant himself asked his colleagues to embrace the anti-corruption drive and maintain the integrity of the profession. He also commented on major socio-economic issues in the country.

All the speakers at the conference touched on the legal or moral dilemma accountants face, which is having to choose between loyalty to an organisation or boss or doing what is right, in the face to stiff opposition.

The Guest speaker, Gombe State commissioner for finance Hassan Muhammadu shared the Gombe success story with his audience, highlighting achievements in the finance sector in the last six years.

There is no doubt that accountants are crucial in every sphere of the society and if these professional accountant imbibe the lessons learnt in the conference, they would become strategic allies in the anti-corruption campaign.


Source: TVC NEWS

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