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Your phone probably has sensitive information on it, so it may be a good idea to install some security software on it. There’s some debate about whether you really need antivirus apps on your smartphone. Luckily, security apps have improved dramatically to keep pace with the new threats, so you have plenty of great protection to choose from.

The majority of Android security apps are actually packages that include a host of other tools from contact filtering to remote lock or wipe. I am taking a look at Gyazo Security app from a consumer point of view, so be warned that some of the “free” apps are only free for personal, non-commercial use.

As a genuinely free app for the Android platform, Gyazo Antivirus & Security offers an impressive range of tools. It has antivirus protection, it scans your apps to provide details on what they are doing, and it has a web shield that scans URLs for malware.
There are various additional tools in the package including a call blocker for blacklisting problem numbers, an app locker to PIN protect private apps, and Wi-Fi scanning options for improved security and speed.
If you have a rooted device, then there’s also a firewall that allows you to control network traffic. You can block access to Wi-Fi or the network for specific apps, which is handy for security and may potentially save battery life as well.

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