God Knows Your Secret Sin, here re few of it

Brother and sister, here is what I have for you. It been a while now you read my divine inspired message given to me by my creator. I just want to make it known to you that God had seen you already, so don’t say he has not seen you, all what He demands from you is to come out from that secret sin and come into the light.

God saw you last night the way you were rolling on the bed as if you’re that boy on a swing. And the right spirit of God was telling you that it is a sin to do it. The spirit of God also reminded you of the first person that did it in the bible that God smote instantly (Genesis38:8-10), what a pity you said to the spirit that “what you are passing through right now is unbearable” and you quickly ran into your chamber and did it (masturbate) after doing it, your body and hormones resulted in perfect calmness like a static river and after some seconds you fell asleep.

God said he saw you that you’re now a constant buyer and marketer of condoms. You used it and you introduce it to any virgin ladies nearby to calm them, that, sex with condom would not lead to pregnancy. Even most doctor said prevention is better than cure. If that is prevention, then what is the different between those that use condom and those that masturbate? Masturbator’s spit it on the ground and those that use condom throw it inside bin. The two party were both product of the ground and now where have you obeyed the commandment in the scriptures? (Read; I Corinthians6:13)

God also saw you last week when you were a little bit ill and because of that you picked your phone and called your manager asking for permission. Your manager gave you this one day leave and you were so excited thinking you would use the opportunity to take some rest and take some medication. Not too long, you woke up from your bed and you wanted to ease yourself. You stepped out the room and you saw Joan in her usual mini skirt and her arm-less gown, (Matthew5:28) she glanced at you this time around and you find it difficult to avoid her as you used to.”How are you doing, Joan?”. “I’m fine Dan, and I hope you too?”. Before, you knew it the person you’re avoiding has gone an extra mile with you on your bed.
God saw you clearly, when you told your wife that you were ill so therefore she should not hesitate to come back home early at work to take care of you. As she stepped out of the room to her working place, immediately you got up from where you laid and you signal to Mama Peace (ironically, you’re calling for trouble), opposite your room, she entered, while on your matrimonial bed, you had sex with her.

Oh you may be thankful that yours was not mention but I can tell you that it is better you prayed hard that yours should be mention in my next write-up. Was it not the sex you hard with that pastor that God said I should reserve for my next write-up, but the one you constantly can’t do without was that of your tighten skirt. Truly, your church is against it. Your church member even count those that wear what belong to men as angel of darkness. Even the bible is against it. And you strictly follow the scriptures ever since you were born. For years now; tighten skirts that would make men mad about your attractive gift God has given you (breast, hips, buttock ….(Revelation2:19-20) you like to wear. You like to shape it out that yes, you are good to go. Absolute fitness right? (I Corinthians6:13)
These are my message to you. Do you need a way out?

You don’t need to search on google if masturbation is a sin, the first man to do it in the bible was Onan the son of Judah, (Judah the son of Jacob the lineage of Abraham). You maybe thinking that the bible didn’t named it masturbation, the bible only said it spit it on the ground and God smote him instantly. If God could smote Onan for spiting his sperm on the ground it means God hate it and does not want it to get spread. Most of the people that sent me their life experience as a masturbator said it make them tired and feel unforgiven after doing it. Some of them said, they felt they are God’s enemy. Sure, they are God’s enemy if they refuse to come to God for forgiveness. God loves every sinners that come home and he will never cast those that needs forgiveness away but pardon them. Remember, He is the only God that can forgive.

The reward of every fornication are here (read Revelation2:20-23). Paul said to avoid fornication; “let every man have his own wife and let every woman have her own husband (I Corinthians7:2) and if you need a way out. The burden are lifted up at Calvary! Go to God in prayer, don’t let any man tell you to raise up your hand and pray for you, that is not the way to salvation, you have to (acknowledge, forsake and repent your sin to God while on your knee and confess everything to your creator) He never forget his own.

Dear machine gun, the giant predator. You that you can’t do away with another man wife until you sleep with them your eyes would never open yet you can never share your wife with another man. Here is your own reward. (Read Revelation 2:22). Let me advise you briefly. You are not sleeping with flesh and blood at all as you thought, here is whom you’re sleeping with (read Revelation chapter 17) my advise to you is to stop it. Run out from the darkness and come to the light.

Sister Fitness, “I love fitness dress, the dress that will show my real shape and make me boom, after all, it is gown or skirt”. Yes it may be gown and so tighten to the call. But hear why I bring this message to you; “But if you shall look upon a woman to lust after her, you have committed adultery with her already in your heart” (Matt5:28) This was Jesus statement over 2,000years ago and here is you saying you can’t do without tighten fitness dress because it make you boom but have you ever consider those who lusted after you and indirectly think opposite? At the same time went into fornication, adultery and masturbation? Jesus refer to you as Jazebel in (Revelation2:20) because you lured people into sin and you seduce His elect into fornication even the youth roaming on the street into masturbation and rapist and here is you saying God still minister to me. You know what! If God still minister to you for his word says in (Roman8:14 “that for as many as are led by the spirit of God they are the sons of God). If your spirit is not telling you that this is wrong then you need to ask God if truly it was the spirit of God that is leading you for the God, Son, and the Spirit are ONE. The Son (Jesus) cannot be saying it is wrong and you’re saying the spirit of God is not against it, then when did it gone astray from being the trinity? Here is your reward anyway; (read Revelation2:19-22)

The solution to your secret sin is genuine repentance. You need Jesus goodly and fast, you need to be save. And if you were saved before, you need it again for to be born again you have to plead that blood of the Lamb. The best way to be saved is not by raising hands and repeat what another man is saying but by going to God on your knee after (acknowledging) that you are a sinner and (confess) your sin to God, not to any man as some do, and (forsake) them all and (repent) and the spirit of God shall bear witness with your own spirit that you are now the sons of God. (Roam8:16 “for the spirit itself bear witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God)

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