God’s Standard is different from Church Standard

My friends and I get into lots of conversation and happen to argue on various issues ranging from dressing to comportment to social and religious issues. We usually get struck in the dressing issue and what our different churches says about it.

“Why should I wear short sleeve or short dresses to church, I won’t even feel comfortable at the gaze of everyone” “what’s the big deal even pastor’s wife wear trouser and it brings out her beauty”. We all tend to forget God’s stand on various issues while trying to please men and the church. Yes, it is expedient we follow the laws, rules, regulations and customs of our churches but then the church rules has been established based on how each founder was able to interpret the bible but we all have the bible and I sure know we can read it and what’s the big deal if we follow God’s instruction instead of following the interpreted version.

When you raise up your hands to give an hallelujah offering to God your armpit is obvious, you’d have to draw your clothe when sitting before you can be comfortable the next person isn’t seeing what is supposed to be hidden, you’d dress and even have one of the latest haircut so you can be admired by men, your beard have been left unshaven and there is really no difference between you and an upcoming Muslim cleric. Some of us cannot wear our so-called church dresses to an event that include the pros and cons of the society, why then dress so revealing to God’s presence. 

“My church says ladies must cover their hair”, “it is not compulsory in mine” do you know what God says? 1 Cor. 11:15. “There is no big deal in wearing short dresses to church”, ” my church says you must be well covered” have you forgotten God said we must be modest in our dressing? 1 Tim. 2:9. “Why can’t I adorn my body” to please who? Am sure it is not God 1 Peter 3:3.

If we all decide to ignore God’s intense warning about his coming and that everyone should be ready but we decide to follow our Churches various interpreted leading without considering the awaiting danger Isaiah 3:16-24 has something for us or will God have different judgement for different churches based on the church’s law to its followers?

When judgement comes and the world is no more, God will not ask the name of our churches neither would we be asked if we kept the law of our church Isaiah 29:13&14. What we will be asked is “have you kept all my precepts” and then we can boldly say Psalm 119:127-135. Are you following God’s Standard or Man/Church Standard?


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