Dead Womb

My visage has grown pale
To flood the earth
And pierce it’s surface
with bountiful tears
that journeys with no seized season
Roses upon Roses
expensive in frangrance
laid sequentially
Atop your new world
For my smile is lost
my hope, gone!!
Having not my made blood
whose strength like horse begot my being
No joy for my tomorrow
the only bread is lost
O! Not a dime left
to console my hopes
For i percieve lonely happiness
An unhappy happiness
Even i sense no happiness
really an ignited NO!!
No at all to ignite my hopes and vision
For my happiness is a lifetime lost
for my smile is lost
and my hope, gone!!
So tell me,
who then will listen to my pleading voice?
Who indeed will pat my back
for a victory won?
Who indeed! Tell me, who?
For i’m left
to view in tears a dead womb
whose framework
stucks six feet in the soil
For what have this world left me?
But a dead womb
silently staring me on the face….

                        Bestman Michael


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