The Destiny Of A Preacher – Part 1

Destiny is something that is to happen or has happened to a particular person or things; or fortune. While purpose is the reason for which something exists or is done, or made.

A preacher was destined to evangelize the word of God; he was so talented that his ministration was more alike like Apostle Paul ministration. God empowered him and filled him with signs and wonders. He has never missed Sunday service, bible study, also Holy Ghost adoration services, after a while of his ministration, people started wondering if he is the messiah to come. During the ministration of this righteous man, heaven has taken series of records in heaven concerning those that have given their life to Christ, he has laid abundant treasure in heaven (Luke12:33), he healed the sick, the lame receive there strength, the blind receive their sight; he has no enemy neither friend but firm to everybody including the little children and the needy. Even the hours he spent in reading the bible and praying to God alone in sufficient for his maximum gate pass to enter heaven if that is the only way to get to heaven.

As we all know, anything we do here on earth is noticeable to three people; the first is God, the second is your accuser (satan) and the third is you, yourself. This preacher record has reached the ultimate limit in the kingdom of darkness too. The devil agent has always being trying to get him tracked but to no avail.  One day the satan himself summoned all the agent, and told them to annualized some ways in which they have all tried to get him tracked;

A lady stood up, her name was attraction (Revelation2:20-24). ‘Number one, all the mimic attraction you gave me, I have used to make sure I get him tracked but anytime he sees me is like he’s seeing a deficit or a rotten cow, he has no pleasure in me at all… I have tried transparent mini skirt, I ran to his house in the midnight with my mini skirt and my transparent skimpy short shirt but I latter ran out horribly because of his fervent prayer… my lord, I wonder if that man was ever born of a woman, he hate ladies’ (Matthew5:28).  Shut up you fool, satan said, we can’t seat down here and see a feeble man competing against the spiritual things, the number of people converting to the son of that righteous man is getting increase, or haven’t I showed you the record of those that died last year? Out of over 60 billion people that died he only has 1.9million and you’re telling me there’s nothing you can do to attract ordinary a soil (man) to me, then why do I positioned you as attraction when you cannot not attract just a person or don’t you know that by the time we increase, the fire in hell will not be able to circulate us and we will place these feeble creature at the war front where they will suffered the lot is just the little you will suffer…am highly disappoint in you’. Next!


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