Matthew 27:52. 1 Peter 3 : 19-21

       Immediately after he gave up the ghost
                  Jesus spirit left his body.
                         He went to HADES.
                  To reach out, to lost souls,
                          Those who perished,
                  In the FLOOD of those days
                      In the days of Noah
               His LOVE is beyond measure
                         He was God indeed
                              A loving saviour
                          He met them in chain,
                         In darkness and thirst
                            He beckon at them
                        If they can follow him,
              Some did, and some mocked him,
                        ‘How can you save us,
                       No one has ever left here.!
                           Save yourself first’
           Those that belief in HADES he rescue
         Then he moved to “ABRAHAM BOSOOM”
                      Just opposite the HADES
                      there he was welcomed
                   By Father Abraham, David,
                 Samuel,Isaac,and others too.
    Because none of them had been to paradise,
                  They were not holy enough,
               until his blood made it possible
                     He CLEANSE THEM ALL
                           There hope arise
                 Their garment was changed
                HE TOOK THEM TO PARADISE


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