Beware Of Unknown Abbreviations

I said this in 2010, but people disagree with me…am not surprise to see the truth again.

Youth of our generation, be wise else you shall become the devil instrument. Take a look of this photo above again. I could fIgure out those that deleted me as their friends that am trying to live as a man of dark ages, but now someone posted this photo on facebook today which means he has started to discover my saying as of old. Beware of the abbreviations you’re using to respond to people.

The very first time I joined facebook was in year 2010. The friends I had then were from America, I personally added them because I really want to enrol for scholarship awards school. After a while I discover they’re used to abbreviations such as LOL, BRB, etc. I asked the guy I was chatting with that what’s the meaning but he kept on telling me it means fun but inside of me I disagree with that.

As a scripture said, let the weed grow together with the fruits so I meet those that are Catholicism among my pearls then, so he reviewed it to me after a lot of convince messages. He said to me that those are the abbreviations in using to praise the devil. He added that is those that goes to the church of satan that make use of it.

Immediately I chanted out, I notified all my friends but you know what, a week after I saw the link on google which I concluded that in a while Google will trick it meaning because then I was a popular blogger so most of my fans then would copied my message and paste it in theirs website why some may argue it on theirs website.

Today am happy to see someone posting it out…which means soonest people will get to know that LOL does not mean ‘laugh out loud’ but ‘lucifer our lord’

It time to be wise that the ends draws near, remember the scripture says ‘it is those that shall endure to the end that would be saved’

Don’t let your friends convince you, you too can make a positive difference in there life. Please Share these, the reward is not to Oyeniyi Samuel OlayemiOyeniyi but laying impact in the lives. You too can bring the lost sheep to the Sheppard (Jesus), the Sheppard don’t want to see them rotten in hell.

Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand!

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