The Day Of Rapture

Am lonely in my room as at this time, thinking about the rapture. Do you know what’s bothering me? My thinking is based on the selection of that great day.

There will be tumor, sorrow, joy, laughter, and surprise on that day. Take a look at this; there was a group of people praying in a room and suddenly the trumpet sound and only few was able to catch up with the saint. Do you think there will not be sorrow, and surprise. Of course, it’s a surprise for those that were left behind for they will be in great danger. There will be surprise because it will be a shock when you see, armed robbers; murderer, sinners, who you think in your heart that he/she will end up in hell and behold they were rejoicing in the sky.

It does not cost you anything to accept Jesus into you life brethren. During my conversation with Jesus in prayer, He said; “if my people could realize their mistake and turn away from their iniquity behold I will save them and heal there land”. Do you know what cost me to be in Jesus and Jesus to be in me? It does not cost me money but it cost me “acknowledgment”, when I acknowledge that I am a sinners and I “confess” my sin to God while on my knee, consecrated myself in prayer. I “forsake” all my sin and “accept” Jesus as my Lord and savior.

Guess what happen to me later, oh you got it right partially. What happen later is that the spirit of God spoke to my teary heart that I AM SAVED. Oh what a glamorous day indeed. The day I crossed the mail road without fearing and not minding that the vehicle are honing because I can feel the presence of God in my life.

Brethren, if you did not have this Jesus, honestly speaking, you are missing a lot. My advise to you is; Join the band of life today and Rapture will be ours in Jesus name.

Thank you for reading,
Oyeniyi Olayemi Samuel


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