My yoke are easy

    LUKE 23 : 39 – 43

One summer morning, a man committed an unforgivable sin (murder). He was arrested and brought to the king for proper punishment. Due to, it is not his first time he has committed such an offence, the king ordered his guards that he should be beheaded by the swordsman in the public (Luke6:36-37). Immediately the king commanded the guard, they took him by the arms and drove him to where he will be killed. They tied him both hand and leg, and they blindfolded him. The swordsman bring out his sword and as he lifted it up, behold a man appear before him and the audience. The swordsman was surprise including the audience stood up at the arena of the event and the young man said;

The Man: Strife him not for I come to save his life. (Luke6:35)

Swordsman: Who are you! (Matthew5:17-19)

The Man: Let him go and replace me. (Luke6:31)

Swordsman: Behold, I can’t release him, the king has spoken and behold, I must behead him for is my duties and obligation to do the king’s will. (Mark7:15)

The Man: Set him free and take me to the king, I beg you.(Mark7:20-23)

The swordsman put his sword in its bosom and took the young man to the king. The king was surprise to see a young man, who is not afraid of death. However, the king afore statement does not change, he command the swordsman to behead the young man that came for the replacement of the murderer in the public so it will be an unforgettable event and it will be a lesson for the citizen. The guard tied the young man both leg and hands and drove him to the public. As they drove him violently, the murderer said;

Murderer: What shall I do to pay you back young man? (Matthew10:5-6)

The Man: My friend, leave your sinful life and seek first the kingdom of God and it righteousness and every other thing will my father which is in the heaven will give unto you. (Matthew5:13).

Swordsman: He can never change, after I behead you, I will behead him a week after for I believe he will never change. He loves shedding innocent blood. (Matthew10:34)

The Man: Verily I said unto you, whosoever kill with the sword, by the sword he shall die too. (Sword of the swordsman fell, he was shocked by the man statement)… Matthew10:38.

Elders: Listen oh ye people, we set this man before you this day to mark an unforgettable day. Today is the end of your ignorant. This man you see before you, is a man of love for he make us to remember what had happened over two thousands years ago. The death of Jesus Christ which we knew as our Lord and saviour. He came to earth and died for us for we may be redeemed. He was the only man that never cast our request away for he said, come to me oh ye that weary and I will give you rest for my yoke are easy. Due to it is a king command for this man before you to be behead before your eyes, I will permit this man to make his last speech before the swordsman behead him. (I Timothy3:1-5)

Audience: That is Jesus for us but this is a man for you. (Applauses)…(I Timothy4:1)

The Man: (addressing the elders and the audience) “this kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then the end shall come” Matthew24:14. (Addressing the murderer) “Blessed is the man, whom his Lord when he comes shall find so doing.” Matthew24:46.

Oyeniyi Olayemi Samuel: The man represent Jesus Christ. The murderer represent you and me, that is, sinner. The swordsman represent satan. The audience represent the worldly attraction. King represent warning to all people. (Matthew25:26-33)

…repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.


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