Henry In Hell

Henry believes he’s a good Christians, when he died, he was rejoicing because he was putting on white garment, among countless people who were just naked, he was bouncing and dancing because he was the only one putting on cloth, yes! I made it at last, he said, even when he has not even approach the gate of heaven, he believe automatically, he already have the access card to the gate of heaven, suddenly he observes a horrible dwarf was also bouncing and rejoicing, walking behind him, he then turned and ask the dwarf,

Henry: Who are you!

Dwarf: I’m your friend

Henry: Hmmm! Really? Are we going towards the same direction?

Dwarf: Of course we are! Oh Henry my good friend, don’t worry, I’m here to take you home, we are taking the same path to the same destination.

Henry: Oh really? But who are you

Dwarf: I’ve told you, we are friend and we are going to the same place.

Henry: (He think within himself) …I’m very sure you’re deceiving yourself, you are too ugly to go to where I belong. Moreover, you are not putting on a white garment. Hell is very paramount to you, because hell is prepare for things like this. You are unclean and heaven cannot accommodate unclean things like this.

So, when they both get to a place where the road, spotted into two. Henry stopped and told the dwarf.

Henry: Well as you can see, I’m going towards the right part, you know I’m putting on white garment, and you are horrible, so you can’t follow me, so you joined the broad way…(He finally said what he thought in his hearts)

Dwarf: You are right by telling me I am not worthy of going towards the narrow way, but you are wrong by saying you will not go with me, we are going together. It is unpleasant in ears, but you and I are going through the broad way

Henry: Are you blind? Can’t you see that I’m putting on white garment?

Dwarf: Are you blind? Can’t you see that in your white garment is painted with my image; don’t you know we are joined together, and we cannot be put asunder?

Henry: (He takes a look at his garment, behold the dwarf image was painted) …I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. (He counsel).

Dwarf: Shut up! (He scream) …thou fool, you’ve started provoking me, for your information, I get angry easily. How dare you called the most righteous name when you’re not righteous? If you should say that to me again, I will tear you apart before taken you to where you belong. (He exclaimed!)

Henry: (Confused takeover his heart!) …who are you sir?

Dwarf: Good question friend. This was the question you should have asked at first

Henry: (shivering) …but I asked you, but you only said, you are my friend

Dwarf: Did I deny it? Are we not friend? (Boasting!)

Henry: (Little confidence came upon him) …then why should you say I can’t go through the narrow way? Can’t you see I’m purchased by the blood of the Lamb?

Dwarf: (Proud!) …what kind of blood are you talking about? The blood you have refused to wash away this stain on you? The blood you refuse to wash yourself in? My friend let continue our journey we are getting late.

Henry: (Angry!) I rebuke you in Jesus name!!

Dwarf: Ah! If I should hear that name from you again, I will treat you as you deserve (Second warning).

Henry: (Boldness) …now, tell me, who are you?

Dwarf: You are a fool! After all I’ve done for you in the world, so I’m no more your friend? When you were on earth, you forgot to chase me out of your life, have you forgotten? Here are what I did for you when you were in the world;

1. We slept together, We dine together, We go out together.
2. I helped you in selling your market, so that your customer can agree with your prices and patronising your goods.
3. I help you in adjusting the time whenever you came late to work.
4. You used me to earn your living
5. If I’ve not helped you, how will they employed you when your age were not suitable for the company that employ you?
6. I backed you up to forged your certificate and curriculum vital.
7. When you want to sell your property, you sold it in high prices with my help.
8. I acquired a good land for you, trough your company, and your first car was gotten trough me.
9. Whenever you want to sell your goods as a marketer, you used me to convince your customer, then I helped you.
10. You went to field to play football on sabbath day neither do you keep it holy.

After all what I’ve done for you, you fail to chase me away then, now you are telling me to go back, why do you want to chase me out when it’s late? Haven’t you heard that after death, its judgment? Whatsoever you want to do, you should have done that on earth before getting here. No redemption for you here.

Henry: (Extremely ice) …I rebuke you in Je….

Dwarf: (As small as it was, picked up Henry and knocked him on the ground and his white garment thorn to pieces and was trying to cover his nakedness, for he has become like others after all this mess, he was driven to hell)

Jesus: “Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame. Revelation16:15.

Writer: It’s written, for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able., because not all that says unto me Lord, Lord will enter heaven, only those that do this will of God. Many people has appear before the gate, but could not enter because of their sin. Many were turned away because of Anger, Malice, Un-forgiveness, Lying, Judging others, Complaining, Greediness, Lovers of themselves, Immorality, Indecent dressing, pride, Hypocrites, Swearing, etc and anything that defiles cannot enter. Many Christians turned to hell, from the gate, while many were not given the privilege to see the gate at all, are you not going to be turned away too? Check your life now, no little sins will enter heaven.

Oyeniyi Olayemi Samuel: Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand!

Written by Ay Rising
Added and edited by Oyeniyi Olayemi Samue


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