Genuine Salvation


I was born in a Christian home, I know how to pray as I grew older, but I never understand the meaning of prayer, but i love to pray because I’ve been used to it from my childhood. I was instructed to pray in the morning, noon and night before I goes to bed at night. As I grew much older, sin occupy my tender heart, although it was unnoticed due to my lack of understanding.

As an adolescent child, one of my hobby is based on hunting, I learnt how to hunt from my father. I love hunting to an extent that as small as I is, I has no fear of any beast/animal (antelope, porcupine, snakes, birds). One day when I hunt for a beast, I took it to my father, he roast it and he sold half part of it to pay my tuition fees in school. However, I attended school regularly and while I set out to school, I’d go along with some roasted animal made by my father and share it among my colleagues because i love to sharing. After a while I observe that my friends has increase in population beyond my imagination. I could not name them neither did I know them if I met them occasionally aside from school.Due to my little knowledge I believe in a scriptures in the bible that says “Give to every man that asketh of thee, and unto him that take away thy goods, do not ask them back (Luke 6:30)’. Later, observes sometimes when I came to school without roasted animal, they’ll set aside and leave me playing alone. Before the second term in school came to an end, my friends started complaining; some of them were complaining of my insufficient meats. I did not like my friends complaining so I tried to make them happy, I promised to change; “there’s nothing that can satisfy human want”

My promise led me to a greater regret thereafter because I stopped taking beasts to my father to prepare as meal, I believed much animal would satisfy my friends; I started lying to my father that I don’t go for hunting anymore meanwhile I did not want him to ask for the beasts I hunted. After hunting for a beast, I’d roast it myself in the forest then hide it inside the bag and take it to school; days that I did not go for hunting I’d begin stealing my father’s money to buy roasted beasts in the market; when I needed money to buy beasts and I did not get from my father’s pocket I will steal from the one in the pot and take it to my friends just to boost my self-image. to feel happy and to stay mandates to the promised I made with them. This is how evil communication corrupts my modesty; behavior; and attitude. This is how I began to steal what does not belong to me; I started lying to my parent…but thank God for saving my souls from sinful acts.

August 2006 was a memorable day that will never depart from me, the day I got the genuine salvation. Genuine salvation? Yes is genuine salvation because that was not the first time I will declared to myself that God had saved me from sin and before the down of the day I found myself doing what I don’t like and what I’ve forsook. In different churches I attended due to changes of environment I found myself in, I was told to placed my hand on my chest and say what the pastor said respectively which I obeyed but I observed before the evening comes I still go back to my sin then I believes am not yet saved. The same month and same year above, my grandma took me to a convention. During the sermons I was told the steps to salvation above. At the end of the sermon I come forward to alter and knee down and I followed the steps to salvation above with a humble and sicken heart…I thank God that he magnified himself to me while praying. The spirit of God bears witness with me, in spirit I can hear the word clearly that ‘I am saved’ I try further to pray but what comes out from my mouth is praises and worship song, I tried to stop singing but I could not stopped. On my way home, a car splashed moody water on me, the driver waved hand at me to show he’s sorry but instead of me flanking my faces and shout mad man as I used to before; ‘God bless you’ I said loudly. Oh my soul flourished like water by the river side. My anchor roll; I slept like a day child. Coming back home from camp and I discover I do not repeat what I’ve neglected. Glory be to God in the highest.

Thanks for reading.
May God Bless You!
(Oyeniyi Olayemi Samuel)


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