I Need A Smile

I need a smile on my face
God will surely give me grace
To face all life’s task
All I need to do is ask
God never promised a smooth life
With no ups and down

Life itself is full of strife
Filled with tears every then and now
Oh Lord help me walk by faith
And just not my sight
Remove all anger and hate

To worship you is my delight
Before me is laid the future
Sometimes it feels like torture
I’m in the midst of confusion
Oh Lord, I need some composure

Still wondering why I’m here
Still battling with all my fears
Break me free from this chain
because all i can see is pain…

You called yourself my close friend
I guess its coming to an end
I’m really in a great shock;
you think you know it all
that won’t be a stumbling block
your words won’t make me fall
Dont make me believe a lie
at the end, I’m gonna cry

Dont make me believe whats fake
at the end I’m gonna break
‘Let me be’ this i ask
And i know its not much of a task
Back to us Lord,
You know my stand

I know you’ll hold my hand
And though my heart is torn
I’ll praise you in this storm…

• Owolabi Esther

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